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Pismo Beach

Market Data

The following data pertains to Single Family Homes only. Condos, Townhomes, Manufactured/Mobile homes are excluded.

Median Sales Price

Median Days on Market

Closed Sales

Median Sales Price

If you were to take every sale and stack them up from low to high, smack dab in the middle is your median sales price. This is a preferred metric for tracking home values over average (or "mean") sales price, since those can fluctuate vastly due to extremes at either of the low or high ends.

Days on Market

Days on market simply refers to the total number of days a home is in 'Active' status on the market. Days when the home is 'Pending,' 'Under Contract,' 'Withdrawn,' or in 'Hold' status are not counted. Again, we often use the median number of days. A hot market generally has a short Days on Market (or DOM as you might see it called).

Closed Sales

Closed sales simply records the total number of sales to close in a given month. 

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